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Title: 05-??-06 MashUp Mobile Podcast ~ Featuring DJ Miss Frenchie

Description: She came to England in 1996 and fell in love with the whole music scene. Winner of the Space Cowboy remix competition in 2004. She's played alongside Grandmaster Flash, Fatboy Slim, Richard Fearless and Justin Robertson. MashUp Mobile presents DJ Miss Frenchie as this weeks Featured DJ.

**Recording in the studio right now**

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Title: 03-21-06 MashUp Mobile Podcast ~ Featuring B.S.F

Description: MashUp Mobile brings the best of Bitter Sound Foundation in this edition of today's podcast. Stop by our Featured DJ page to listen to more tracks from this cutting edge DJ.

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Title: 07-20-05 MashUp Mobile Podcast ~ Featuring Dopplebanger

Description: Check out the latest from MashUp Mobile. Today's featured DJ is Dopplebanger. Check out our Featured page on our site to find out more about this DJ's exciting mixes, or listen to this podcast to hear a few tracks.

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Title: 06-27-05 MashUp Mobile Podcast ~ Featuring DJ Earworm

Description: Welcome to the launch of a new look at Podcasting. Check out the MashUp Mobile Podcast as we feature DJ's from around the world. Legands will always be legands, but their music will always belong to the world.

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