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The Bitter Sound Foundation logo is non-affiliated with MashUp Mobile. The tracks on this page are an example of the skills represented by Bitter Sound Foundation. If you want to hear more from the original artist, please visit their respected websites and download their music.

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for contact & information email me

bootlegs & mashups:
a flock of cubik prayers - afrika bambaataa / a flock of seagulls / 808 state / duran duran
the tricky mash episode - tricky / dr dre / chic / janet jackson / butthole surfers
shit-shake - L7 / kelis
safe and delirious - jimmy sommerville / sara mclachlan
no more gay bars - the stranglers / electric six
tour de people - kraftwerk / missy elliot
check the sensi - richard ashcroft / buju banton/ dj gunshot
crystal blue kylie - new order / kylie minogue
we will ska you - queen / bad manners
why does michael hurt? - carly simon/michael jackson
justBgood2roxy - roxy music/beats international
desperate hit - adam ant/britney spears/destinys child/elbow
freak in a bottle - christina aguilera/tricky/missy elliot/
adam ant
tears for superman - tears for fears/laurie anderson/tones on tail
brass jam - chris morris
dub jam - chris morris/armstrong & miller
kraftwerx - kraftwerk

original tracks & mixes:
bittersoundmix #01
ambient mix one (warning, large file - 82mb)
mantra one
fooled again
second sight
cut up
be there
slow drowning
paranoia revisited

ctrl z (with micky dove)
dance lenny dance (with micky dove)
bittersoundfoundation vs fate whatever





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DJ Miss Frenchie


DJ Earworm




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